Fall 2020 Class Schedule

CRNCourse NumberCourse TitleDaysTimeInstructor
39174101Intro Latin American Studies*M W1000-1050Tyler
33239102Intro Latino Studies*M W1100-1150Christenson
34441103Intro to Latino Urban Studies*M W1300-1350Juarez
33689105Intro to Mex Studies*M W0900-0950Roa
34442109Intro to Latino Cultures*M W1200-1250Huerta
39184242Latin American GovernmentT R0930-1045Feldmann
37029275Gender in Latin AmericaT R1400-1515Díaz Martín
36575276Latinas in UST1230-1345Gutierrez
34808278Lat Amer/Latino Film StdiesT1700-1815Boles
35810290Mexican-American HistoryT R1100-1215Goodman
35797295Latino Literary StudiesM W F1400-1450Huerta
33521301Research MethodsM W1500-1615Bada Garcia
35811395Seminar in Latino StudiesW1500-1730Diaz Martin
35527403Methods in LALS (UG)T1700-1815 & 1830-1945Roa
36352403Methods in LALS (G)T1700-1815 & 1830-1945Roa
32584491Topics Latin American Studies (UG)W1830-2100Cintrón
32585491Topics Latin American Studies (G)W1830-2100Cintrón
36513495Topics in Latino Studies: "Environmental & Climate Justice" (UG)W1500-1730Cabrera
36514495Topics in Latino Studies "Environmental & Climate Justice" (G)W1500-1730Cabrera
42573500Latinx & Lat Amer Crit ThoughtM1500-1730Torres
31239501Latino & Lat Amer-Trans CtxtR1530-1800Feldmann
31240504ProseminarT1300--1350Bada Garcia

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* These courses require concurrent registration in a discussion section. Please see the class schedule in Banner for more details.

UG or G indicates a class with a separate CRN for Undergraduate or Graduate students to register.