Oct 30 2013

Bridging Civil Divides: Youth Civic Engagement

October 30, 2013

5:00 PM - 6:30 PM


332 S Michigan Ave Suite 400, Chicago, I

In urban cities across the world, youth of today are bridging the perceived generational divides on civic engagement, showing that they care deeply about their communities and are actively engaged in a variety of public issues.
Join us along with The Mikva Challenge and the UIC Great Cities Institute as we present a book release and panel discussion with co-author Maria de los Angeles Torres on the new book, Citizens in the Present: Youth Civic Engagement in the Americas.
Dispelling the predominant myth that the youth of today are apathetic and uninterested in politics, the book shares narratives from youth in Chicago, Mexico City, and Rio de Janeiro to investigate what motivates young people in these cities, which forces influence them, and what their actions reveal about democratic practices today.
Co-author, Maria de los Angeles Torres will be joined will by a distinguished panel of local authors, young people, and youth advocates.

About the Speakers

  • Maria de los Angeles Torres is professor of Latin American and Latino studies at the University of Illinois at Chicago and executive director of the Inter-University Program for Latino Research.
  • Judge Abner Mikva, founder of the Mikva Challenge, which develops civic leadership in Chicago high school youth.
  • Teresa Córdova, Director of the UIC Great Cities Institute, which sponsors educational programs aimed at improving the quality of life of people living in Chicago, its metropolitan region, and other great cities of the world.
  • Youth representatives who were interviewed in the book, will discuss their current civic engagement efforts in areas such as youth policy-making, community problem-solving, and youth electoral and cultural participation.

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