Master of Arts in Latin American and Latino Studies at the University of Illinois at Chicago

The program of Latin American and Latino Studies (LALS) at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) is accepting student applications for the Master of Arts (M.A.) in Latin American and Latino Studies. The degree offers an interdisciplinary perspective to the study of Latin American societies and historical minorities and immigrants of Latin American descent living in the United States. It encourages an approach that ranges across the social sciences, humanities, literature and the arts, cultural studies, and history. The M.A. will train students to reflect on and engage with social issues of contemporary importance in the study of Latin American and Latino populations such as globalization, colonialism, postcolonialism, transnationalism, immigration, development, and equality as well as questions related to identity and membership, including race, culture, nationality, and gender. The program will offer a unique set of research courses to prepare students, including a semester placement with a community based organization in which students will be conducting research. Thus, the main goal of the M.A. is that students learn a series of specialized skills that place them on a solid career path, both in academic and non-academic settings.

The Graduate College maintains a page which outlines the current degree requirements here:

For further information on applying, visit the MA Application Information page.
Students present their research at Graduate Forum
Graduate students present their masters papers at a symposium in the Spring semester.
LALS MA students will end their tenure by taking a "Directed Research" course with the director of their MA paper. This course is number 590 and there is a separate CRN for each professor. To enroll for the course you must request an "override" for that CRN. Look up the CRN here and then submit a request for the override here: Once you receive notice that the override has been applied, you will be able to register.