Courtesy Appointments and affilations

Name Title Phone Email Address
Betancur, John Jairo Associate Professor of Urban Planning & Policy (312) 996-2125
Bauer, Brian S. Professor and Director of Graduate Studies of Anthropology 
(312) 413-3731
Cabrera, Rosa Adjunct Lecturer of LALS and Director of the Latino Cultural Center (312) 996-3095
Chávez, Joaquín Associate Professor of History (312) 996-3141
Córdova, Teresa L. Professor and Director of Great Cities Institute (312) 355-3803
Doane, Molly Ann Associate Professor of Anthropology (312) 413-0653
Filindra, Alexandra Associate Professor of Political Science (312)-996-1234
 Herrera, Olga
IUPLR Director, Washington OFfice
 (202) 974-6282
Malagrino, Silvia Professor of Art (312) 996-3337
Marsh, Steven Associate Professor of Spanish Literature & Film (312) 996-5845
Miller, Virginia E. Associate Professor Emerita of Art HIstory
Morales, Zitlali P. Associate Professor of Education (312) 996-8144
Niebylski, Dianna Professor of Hispanic & Italian Studies (312) 996-4582
 Pallares, Amalia
Professor of LALS and Political Science
Associate Chancellor and Vice Provost for Diversity

(312) 355-1308
Potowski, Kim Associate Professor of Spanish Linguistics (312) 996-8524
Razfar, Aria Professor of Education and Linguistics  (312) 413-8373
Roosevelt, Anna C. Professor of Anthropology (312) 996-3046
Saona, Margarita Associate Professor of Hispanic & Italian Studies (312) 996-5222
Theodore, Nik Professor of Urban Planning & Policy (312) 996-8378