Deanna Ledezma

Graduate Academic Adviser

Deanna Ledezma is the Graduate Academic Advisor in the Latino American and Latino Studies Program and a Ph.D. candidate in the Art History Department. Her research interests include the history and theory of photography, material culture studies, and ethnicity and race in the United States. Her dissertation “The Fecundity of Photography: Family, Gender, and Ethnoracial Identity” examines the material practices of family photography in the home, spanning from the late nineteenth through the twentieth century. Each chapter analyzes the historical contexts and political implications surrounding the photographing of photographic arrangements in domestic settings. Her case studies include interior photographs made by women, snapshots circulated as postcards at the turn of the century, documentary photographs commissioned by the United States government, and portraits accompanying oral histories of Mexican Americans. She has presented her scholarship at conferences organized by the Inter-University Program for Latino Research, the Nineteenth Century Studies Association, and the Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association. She received her undergraduate degrees in English and Art from Texas State University. During her graduate studies at UIC, she was awarded the Abraham Lincoln Fellowship (2011–2012; 2013–2014), the Diversifying Higher Education Faculty in Illinois (DFI) Fellowship, and the Chancellor’s Graduate Research Award.
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