Engaged Youths in the Americas

Youth Pic in the meeting

This research project is an on-going collaborative effort among faculty from CIESPI, at the Pointifica Universidad Catolica in Rio Janeiro, the Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana in, Mexico City and at UIC. Irene Rizzini, Norma del Rio and Mariá de los Angeles Torres constitute the principal investigators of a research team that aims to gain an understanding of how young people from different urban areas in global cities (Chicago, Rio de Janeiro, Mexico City) perceive citizenship and public action as well as their own participation in society. What are the similarities and difference among actively engaged youths in these three cities? Is there any shared background experiences which led these youths to become involved in their schools and/or communities? Faculty and graduate students have participated in conferences in each of these cities and continue to collaborate on going research projects. The Kellogg Foundation as well as the University of Chicago's Chapin Hall have helped fund this project.