Special course for Spring 2020

Environmental Justice: Fighting for the right to live, work, and play in a clean environment

Spring 2020 LALS 269 (CRN 34441)
  • How is it that certain groups of people are systematically burdened with environmental hazards and the aftermath of climate disasters to a greater extent than other groups?
  • What can be done to correct these inequalities fostered by long-standing processes of colonialism, capitalism, and institutionalized racism?
  • How can culturally informed and place-based interventions help us build a just transition and reject disaster capitalism?

This course will focus on the environmental justice movement and its connection to climate change, the political economy of environmental and climate inequalities, and larger systems of power and privilege that produce unjust environmental and climate conditions putting communities of color at greater risk. We will use case studies from the Latinx communities in Chicago, Puerto Rico, the U.S./Mexico border and other localities to examine the above. We will also explore the emerging intersection with migration displacement, identity, and surveillance in environmentally and climate ravaged communities. This is a highly collaborative course that requires full participation in the reading discussions and student interdependence to complete small group projects.

LALS 269 — Spring 2020 — CRN 34441

Class will meet Tuesdays, 3:30-6pm
in the Latino Cultural Center, LC B2
For more information, contact the instructor
Dr. Rosa Cabrera