Photo of Garcia, Lorena

Lorena Garcia, PhD

Associate Professor

LALS and Sociology


Building & Room:

4112B BSB


1007 W Harrison St.

Office Phone:

(312) 413-3759

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Lorena Garcia CV

Office Hours - Spring 2020
Monday 11:00am – 01:00pm


Lorena Garcia received her PhD in Sociology with doctoral emphasis in Women’s Studies (now the Department of Feminist Studies) from the University of California at Santa Barbara. Her recent book manuscript, Respect Yourself, Protect Yourself: Latina Girls and Sexual Identity (New York University Press, 2012) examines the meaning and practice of safe sex and sexuality in the lives of second-generation Mexican and Puerto Rican girls. The book directs attention to how Latina girls seek to develop and enact their sexual subjectivity and sexual agency and the constraints under which they do this for themselves. Her work has also been published in academic journals including Gender & Society, Latino Studies, and Identities: Global Studies in Power & Culture. She has also co-edited a special issue of the National Women’s Studies Association Journal (NWSA) [now Feminist Formations] on Latina sexualities with Prof. Lourdes Torres. Dr. Garcia continues with her theoretical and methodological interest in the intersection of gender, sexuality, and race/ethnicity. She is exploring how social class positioning informs these intersections in her current project on Latina/o families, which focuses on partnering and parenting among Latinas/os.