Photo of Lukacz, Matt

Matt Lukacz

M.A. student


Building & Room:

1507 UH

Office Phone:

(312) 996-2275


Matt Lukacz graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago in the Spring of 2017, with majors in Anthropology and Psychology and minors in Philosophy and Religious Studies. Upon graduating, he volunteered at the Field’s Museum Neotropical Herbarium. His Capstone thesis, entitled “Revisiting Ethnographic Models of Human-Environment Interactions in Lowland South America”, shows how historical developments in Amazonian ethnography led to the proposal of the “New Animism”. Matt has also conducted fieldwork among the Mestizo and Shipibo communities in eastern Peru, where he studied ritual music and traditional ecological knowledge. Currently, his research activities center on the distribution of ethnobotanical expertise among the Shipibo and the intersection of cultural anthropology and science and technology studies. Matt will focus his graduate scholarship on several issues: 1) How the knowledge infrastructures in contemporary science (especially in the field of macrosystem ecology) confront the challenges of the Anthropocene, and 2) How the modern, precarious living conditions of both humans and non-humans transform anthropological theory.