Photo of Martínez, Anely

Anely Martínez

M.A. Graduate


Building & Room:

1507 UH

Office Phone:

)(312) 996-2275


Anely Martinez, a daughter of immigrants, was born in Rogers Park, Chicago, and grew up in Central Stickney.  She graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2016.

Her research interests include the problematic portrayals of Latinas, eating disorder awareness of Latino/as, and preventative mental health for Latinas. Through her work, Anely is exploring how the lack of mass media representation of Latino/as exemplifies and explains the mistreatment of this population, not only regarding discrimination and racism, but also in how they are seen as unworthy of mass media representation overall. She believes this also speaks to the contemporary political and economic arrangements that exemplify the distribution of power and privilege in our society. Following graduation, Anely plans to continue her academic career and apply to PhD programs in Communication.