Photo of Tapia-Trujillo, Yesenia

Yesenia Tapia-Trujillo

M.A. student


Building & Room:

1507 UH

Office Phone:

(312) 996-2275


Yesenia Tapia, who is of Mexican descent, graduated from Palatine High School, and then transitioned to Harper College where she received her Associate's Degree. She furthered her studies at Illinois State University obtaining her Bachelor of Science, focused on bilingual education. While a student at Illinois State University, Yesenia worked for District 15 supporting students achieve academic success and at a non-profit supporting students who participated in Community School where she was able to serve the Latinx community through her work and advocacy. Yesenia helped with the development of the program and integrated other ideas carried over from her previous work. She continued in this line of work and transitioned to the Family Involvement Nurturing Development/ Prevention Initiative as a Parent Educator. As part of the LALS masters program, and following graduation, she wants to continue developing her critical consciousness, learning, and advocacy among the Latinx community.