Prior Research Initiatives

Civic Engagement
Our faculty has been involved in several collaborative research projects aimed at understanding Latino civic engagement. One was funded by the National Science Foundation included political scientists, geographers and anthropologists.
Oral History
Directed by former LALS affiliates, MarĂ­a Eugenia de la Torre, lecturer, and Javier Villa-Flores, Professor, this project worked to document a history of Mexican activism in Pilsen.
Engaged Youths In the Americas
This research project was a collaborative effort among faculty at CIESPI at the Pointifica Universidad Catolica in Rio Janeiro, the Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana in Mexico City and UIC.
Border Music
This interdisciplinary, inter-institutional project, coordinated by former LALS Professor Alejandro L. Madrid, brought together scholars from diverse fields to explore experiences of the people who live at the U.S.-Mexico border
Immigrant Mobilization Project
In 2006 an interdisciplinary group of UIC faculty and graduate students convened by Amalia Pallares and former LALS faculty Nilda Flores-Gonzalez created the Immigrant Mobilization Project (IMP) at UIC
Social Networks in the Access to Reproductive Health Services to Migrant Women in Chicago, Illinois
As recent scholarship has demonstrated, social networks are central to assisting migrants during both the process of migration and settlement.
Defining the field of Latino and Latin American Music
Former LALS Professors Frances Aparicio & Alejandro L. Madrid joined the editorial group of the Grove Dictionary of American Music to enrich its listings of Latino musical expressions.