Border Music Project

Border Music Project

  • Articulation and impact of Music

    This interdisciplinary, inter-institutional project is coordinated by Professor Alejandro L. Madrid and brings together scholars from anthropology, literary studies, musicology, ethnic studies, history, performance studies, sociology, Latino studies, and ethnomusicology, to discuss a large variety of musical manifestations in an attempt to understand how they inform the transnational experiences of the people who live at the U.S.-Mexico border. The group focuses on contemporary pop and narcocorrido, as well as a large variety of Mexican-American, African-American, and Native American traditions from the U.S.-Mexico border, and other hybrid genres and manifestations, paying particular attention to how these musics articulate current issues of gender, immigration, identity, membership, and embodied culture

  • Transnational Encounters

    The essays produced as a result of this project will be published in an edited volume to be titled Transnational Encounters: Music and Performance at the U.S.-Mexico Border. Participants include: Luis Alvarez (University of California, San Diego), Ignacio Corona (Ohio State University), Margaret Dorsey and Miguel Díaz-Barriga (University of Texas, Panamerican), Mark Edberg (George Washington University), Lillian Gorman (University of Illinois at Chicago), Donald Henriques (California State University Fresno), Sydney Hutchinson (Syracuse University), Josh Kun (University of Southern California), Jose Limón (University of Notre Dame), Alejandro L. Madrid (University of Illinois at Chicago), Cathy Ragland (University of Texas, Panamerican), Jesus Ramos-Kittrell (Southern Methodist University), Ramón Rivera-Servera (Northwestern University), Brenda Romero (University of Colorado, Boulder), Helena Simonett (Vanderbilt University), and Joan Titus (University of North Carolina, Greensboro).

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