Oct 18 2017

Gustavo Lopez Castro (LALS Brown Bag Presentation)

October 18, 2017

12:00 PM - 2:30 PM


1550 University Hall (UH)-Conference Room


601 S.Morgan Street, Chicago, IL

Lals brown bag presentation

Ulysses and Penelope on the verge of a nervous breakdown: Emotional problems among Mexican couples in Michoacán migrant contexts.

By Gustavo Lopez Castro, Professor in the Center of Rural Studies at Colegio de Michoacán

Addressing the relationship between migration and emotions in the context of couples where the husband has chosen to migrant leaving the women behind. Topics will include the emotional problems of women who stay and the emotions linked with the return of these migrated men.

Universtiy Hall 1550 Conference Room
601 S. Morgan Street
Organized by Latin American and Latino Studies

Bring your own lunch and we will provide the refreshments

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