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LALS 50th Anniversary!

Stay tuned for anniversary events beginning in the Fall 2024 semester!

Spring 2024 Class Schedule & Course Booklet

A list of classes in the Department of Latin American & Latino Studies for Spring 2024

Spring 2024 LALS Courses

Spring 2024 Courses Controlled by the Latin American and Latino Studies Program at UIC
CRNCourse NumberCourse TitleInstructional MethodDaysTimeInstructor
45205*101Intro to Latin American StudiesOn CampusM W11:00am - 11:50pmRoa
37804*102Intro to Latino StudiesOn CampusM W10:00am - 10:50amMacias
24630*109Intro to Latino CulturesOn CampusM W2:00pm - 2:50pmHuerta
35761*110Intro to Latin American CulturesOn CampusM W9:00am - 9:50pmRoa
45227*275Gender in Latin AmericaOn CampusM W2:00pm - 2:50pmDiaz Martin
36933286Issues in Latino IdentityOn CampusTues Thurs11:00am - 12:15pmSostaita
33050290Mexican-American HistoryOn CampusTues Thurs2:00pm - 3:15pmChristenson
33052395Latinx Sound Culture StudiesOn CampusM W9:30am - 10:45amDiaz Martin
31440 (UG)403Interdisciplinary Research Methods in Latin American and Latino StudiesOn CampusThurs3:30pm - 6:00pmSostaita
31919 (G)403Interdisciplinary Research Methods in Latin American and Latino StudiesOn CampusThurs3:30pm - 6:00pmSostaita
36422 (UG)491Violence in Contemporary Latin AmericaOn CampusTues3:30pm - 6:00pmFeldmann
36423 (G)491Violence in Contemporary Latin AmericaOn CampusTues3:30pm - 6:00pmFeldmann
35755(UG)495The Rancho in History and CultureOn CampusMon3:00pm - 5:30pmHuerta
36256(G)495The Rancho in History and CultureOn CampusMon3:00pm - 5:30pmHuerta
39952 (UG)497Community Research InternshipOn CampusMon6:00pm - 8:30pmBada
39953 (G)497Community Research InternshipOn CampusMon6:00pm - 8:30pmBada
31441502Latinx and Latin American Critical
On CampusWed3:30pm - 6:00pmGoodman
31442504Proseminar in Latin American and Latino StudiesOn CampusMon2:00pm - 2:50pmBada

Spring 2024 Discussion Sections

Below are Spring 2024 Discussion Sections.
CRNCourse NumberCourse TitleInstructional MethodDaysTimeInstructor
33032101Introduction to Latin American StudiesOn CampusFriday8:00am - 8:50amSturino
33033101Introduction to Latin American StudiesOn CampusFriday10:00am - 10:50amSturino
33040101Introduction to Latin American StudiesOn CampusFriday12:00pm - 12:50pmSturino
33039101Introduction to Latin American StudiesOn CampusFriday9:00am - 9:50amBuitrago
33035101Introduction to Latin American StudiesOn CampusFriday11:00am - 11:50amBuitrago
33036101Introduction to Latin American StudiesOn CampusFriday1:00pm - 1:50pmBuitrago
37805102Introduction to Latino StudiesOn CampusFriday8:00am - 8:50amCamacho
37808102Introduction to Latino StudiesOn CampusFriday10:00am - 10:50amCamacho
37806102Introduction to Latino StudiesOn CampusFriday12:00pm - 12:50pmCamacho
37809102Introduction to Latino StudiesOn CampusFriday9:00am - 9:50amQazi
37812102Introduction to Latino StudiesOn CampusFriday11:00am - 11:50amQazi
37807102Introduction to Latino StudiesOn CampusFriday1:00pm - 1:50pmQazi
33047109Introduction to Latino CulturesOn CampusFriday9:00am - 9:50amGuzman
33046109Introduction to Latino CulturesOn CampusFriday11:00am - 11:50amGuzman
33048109Introduction to Latino CulturesOn CampusFriday1:00pm - 1:50pmGuzman
36321110Introduction to Latin American CulturesOn CampusFriday8:00am - 8:50amParedes Ruiz
36323110Introduction to Latin American CulturesOn CampusFriday10:00am - 10:50amParedes Ruiz
36322110Introduction to Latin American CulturesOn CampusFriday12:00pm - 12:50pmParedes Ruiz
45228275Gender in Latin AmericaOn CampusFriday11:00am - 11:50amQuiroa
45229275Gender in Latin AmericaOn CampusFriday1:00pm - 1:50pmQuiroa
45230275Gender in Latin AmericaOn CampusFriday3:00pm - 3:50pmQuiroa

* These courses require concurrent registration in a discussion section. Please see the class schedule in Banner for more details.

UG or G indicates a class with a separate CRN for Undergraduate or Graduate students to register.

LALS Spring 2024 Course Booklet