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Fall 2023 Class Schedule

A list of classes in the Latin American & Latino Studies Program for Fall 2023

2023 Fall Courses Controlled by the Latin American and Latino Studies Program at UIC
CRNCourse NumberCourse TitleInstructional MethodDaysTimeInstructor
39174LALS 101 *Intro Latin American StudiesOn CampusM W11:00AM - 11:50AMFeldmann
33239LALS 102 *Intro Latino StudiesOn CampusM W10:00AM - 10:50AMHuerta
33689LALS 105 *Intro to Mexican StudiesOn CampusM W2:00PM - 2:50PMRoa
47122LALS 107Intro to Nahua StudiesOn CampusM W9:30AM - 10:45AMRoa
36575LALS 276 *Latinas in the USOnline AsynchronousGutierrez
35807LALS 277Issues of Race, Class, and Gender Among LatinosOn CampusTues, Thurs2:00PM - 3:15PMGarcia
46948LALS 283 *Latinos and PoliticsOn CampusM W12:00PM - 12:50PMRamos
39186LALS 288History of Modern Puerto RicoOn CampusTues, Thurs11:00AM - 12:15PMLopez
35797LALS 295Latino Literary StudiesOn CampusM W3:00PM - 4:15PMHuerta
33521LALS 301Research Methods in LALSOn CampusT R9:30AM - 10:45AMInda
35811LALS 395Chicanas and Latinas: Self & SocietyOn CampusM W9:30AM - 10:45AMDowling
35528 (UG)LALS 433Latin American Migration to the U.S. On CampusM3:00PM - 5:30PMBada
36353 (G)LALS 433Latin American Migration to the U.S. On CampusM3:00PM - 5:30PMBada
32584 (UG)LALS 491Topics in Latin American StudiesOn CampusTues, Thurs12:30PM - 1:45PMAlvarez-Velasco
32585 (G)LALS 491Topics in Latin American StudiesOn CampusTues, Thurs12:30PM - 1:45PMAlvarez-Velasco
36760 (UG)LALS 495Topics In Latino StudiesOn CampusThurs3:30PM - 6:00PMDiaz Martin
36761 (G)LALS 495Topics In Latino StudiesOn CampusThurs3:30PM - 6:00PMDiaz Martin
LALS 500Latinx and Latin American Critical ThoughtOn CampusTues3:30PM - 6:00PMBorzutzky
31239LALS 501Latinos and Latin America in Transnational ContextOn CampusW3:00PM - 5:30PMFeldmann
31240LALS 504Proseminar in LALSOn CampusM2:00PM - 2:50PMBada
CRNCourse NumberCourse TitleInstructional MethodDaysTimeInstructor
39175101Intro Latin American StudiesOn CampusF8:00AM - 8:50AMTBD
39176101Intro Latin American StudiesOn CampusF10:00AM - 10:50AMTBD
39177101Intro Latin American StudiesOn CampusF1:00PM - 1:50PMTBD
39178101Intro Latin American StudiesOn CampusW9:00AM - 9:50AMTBD
39179101Intro Latin American StudiesOn CampusW11:00AM - 11:50AMTBD
39180101Intro Latin American StudiesOn CampusW1:00PM - 1:50PMTBD
33241102Intro Latino StudiesOn CampusF8:00AM - 8:50AMTBD
33244102Intro Latino StudiesOn CampusF12:00PM - 12:50PMTBD
33242102Intro Latino StudiesOn CampusF10:00AM - 10:50AMTBD
33245102Intro Latino StudiesOn CampusF11:00AM - 11:50AMTBD
33243102Intro Latino StudiesOn CampusF1:00PM - 1:50PMTBD
33246102Intro Latino StudiesOn CampusF1:00PM - 1:50PMTBD
33690105Intro to Mexican StudiesOn CampusF8:00AM - 8:50AMTBD
33691105Intro to Mexican StudiesOn CampusF10:00AM - 10:50AMTBD
38244105Intro to Mexican StudiesOn CampusF1:00PM - 1:50PMTBD
36576276Latinas in the USOn CampusF8:00AM - 8:50AMTBD
46946276Latinas in the USOn CampusF10:00AM - 10:50AMTBD
46947276Latinas in the USOn CampusF12:00PM - 12:50PMTBD
46949283Latinos and PoliticsOn CampusF8:00AM - 8:50AMTBD
46950283Latinos and PoliticsOn CampusF10:00AM - 10:50AMTBD
46951283Latinos and PoliticsOn CampusF1:00PM - 1:50PMTBD

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* These courses require concurrent registration in a discussion section. Please see the class schedule in Banner for more details.

UG or G indicates a class with a separate CRN for Undergraduate or Graduate students to register.