Photo of López, José E.

José E. López

Lecturer of Latin American and Latino Studies



Building & Room:

1515 UH


601 S Morgan St.

Office Phone:

(312) 996-8017


José E. López was born in 1949 in San Sebastián, Puerto Rico. In
1959, his family moved to Chicago as part of the massive Puerto
Rican migration to the United States. He has written
extensively on the political and social reality of Puerto Ricans in
the United States while serving as Executive Director of The
Puerto Rican Cultural Center Juan Antonio Corretjer in Chicago,
which he co-founded in 1973, and he is an adjunct instructor at
Northeastern Illinois University, Columbia College and the
University of Illinois at Chicago.

In his role as educator/activist, he has been invited to speak at over
50 colleges and universities in the United States, Mexico, Canada,
and Puerto Rico as well as in international forums such as the
United Nations Decolonization Committee. For over 40 years, he
has been a leading member of the Puerto Rican independence
movement and is also the editor of “Puerto Rican Nationalism: A
Reader”. Presently, he is active in developing new/praxis/theory in
community and social empowerment, particularly in the areas of
educational reform through the Community as a Campus Initiative,
and addressing health inequities through the building of a holistic
community of wellness in Chicago’s Greater Humboldt Park
communities. He has served on various Boards including
Bethany/Advocate Fund Board and presently on the Chicago
Public Schools Latino Advisory Committee to CEO Barbara Byrd

He is an important voice for policy and legislative reform working
closely with the former Alderman Billy Ocasio, Alderman Roberto
Maldonado, Cook County Commissioner Edwin Reyes, State
Representative Cynthia Soto, State Senators William Delgado and
Iris Martínez and Congressman Luis V. Gutiérrez.
Over the years he has received many recognitions, including the
Cook County Board of Commissioners 2009 Hispanic Heritage
Award, the 2010 Health Award from Health and Medicine Policy
Research Group, and the Chicago Cultural Alliance: 2014
Outstanding Community Leader Award.

Intellectual Property

His written works have appeared in the following:

      • Matt Meyers (ed), We Have Not Been Moved (2012)
      • Joy James (ed), States of Confinement (1999)
      • Elihu Rosenblatt (ed), Criminal Injustice: Confronting the Prison Crisis (1998)
      • Meredith Minkler, Community Organizing and Community Building for Health and Welfare (2012) Steve Whitman, et, al, Urban Health (2012)


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